Introductory French with Agi

For children from Kindergarten to Grade 4

Children are sponges for language at a young age and this makes it the ideal time to capitalize on these language acquisition skills.  French is not taught as part of the regular BC curriculum until Grade 5, which means that kids are missing out on these ideal years to learn. Sign your student up today for lessons with Agi to help them get a fantastic start in learning a new language.

Mondays Sept 24- Dec 17, 2018

3:20PM- 4:00PM #300-5755 Dalhousie Rd. (UBC) Cost: $132 per student

 CONTACT: Tamara Knott (PAC Vice Chair) to register: [email protected]

My name is Agi MacLeod. I am a native Vancouverite and a UBC graduate with a double major in French and Spanish. As a young adult I spent 2 years in Europe (France and Spain) perfecting my foreign language skills. I am fluent in 4 languages. I believe that when you are raised bilingual, your ability to learn more languages comes naturally and I am always fascinated by how easily young children are able to absorb a second language. After obtaining my Teaching Degree, I taught at the secondary level for the Vancouver School Board. I tutored French, Spanish and ESL for several years. I currently teach French at 6 different preschools in the Vancouver area. 

NOTE: there are no classes on statutory holidays or Oct 29th