Think & Eat Green @ School

Think & Eat Green @ Queen Mary!

The Vancouver School Board is part of a five-year project with UBC called Think&[email protected] that looks at all aspects of school food systems including the growing of food, food that’s purchased, school nutrition, school garden design and making curriculum connections.

In 2012, a team of committed teachers from Queen Mary – Maria King, Wendie van der Woerd and Michael Atkinson – successfully applied for Queen Mary to become a Think&EatGreen school. We received a $2,000 grant to put towards food system projects and used some of this grant to purchase seeds and grow vegetables in the planter boxes adjacent to the gravel field!

In the summer of 2013, these teachers together with Queen Mary parent, Heidi Harmer, attended a three-day Institute where they collaborated with others – from students to professors, teachers to chefs, farmers, gardeners, restaurateurs and nutrition and health professionals – to find ways to increase children’s knowledge and understanding of the connections between food, health and the environment across the food system.

Now, the team is full of inspiration and ideas to share and work on with the Queen Mary community! Some possible projects could include:

  • Creating a “green” team or club
  • Setting up teaching and learning activities that connect food, health and the environment
  • Producing food inside and outside the classroom, including food gardens and orchards
  • Cooking and other culinary activities
  • Composting and other environmentally sound and productive disposal of end products
  • Visiting other school gardens and orchards and community farms
  • Celebrating with food

If you’re interested in being part of this team, please contact Heidi at [email protected].