Learn and Grow Together at Queen Mary Elementary

Outdoor Classrooms; Playgrounds; Food Gardens; Habitat Gardens;

Green Spaces; Amphitheaters; Play Spaces and more!


As of December 31, 2015 we have raised $98,000 - almost half way there!

At Queen Mary Elementary, we recognize the need to provide outdoor learning and play spaces for children of all ages! Getting outside motivates children to learn, keeps them attentive, builds their imaginations and improves classroom behaviour and focus. School districts are generally responsible for funding playgrounds, but after a dozen years of near-chronic budget deficits, there is no money left in the Vancouver district to pay for them or for any other outdoor spaces.

The responsibility therefore, for providing these learning opportunities and outdoor areas falls on the Parents Advisory Council, PAC. As the Seismic upgrade budget at Queen Mary has no funding for anything outside of the school footprint, the PAC together with the teachers and administration decided to forge ahead and develop plans for new outdoor learning spaces, “greenscaping” and play areas.

We need your financial help and support!


Upon completion, our Vision is that the grounds of Queen Mary Elementary will be a diversified, multi-faceted, outdoor educational green space and play area for people of all ages in our greater community and school. For more detailed informsation or to view the plans please see the documents below.


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