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Pupil Using Laptop

 Direct Drive

Spring 2024

(Please Type "QM PAC Direct Drive" in message box)

The 2023-2024 Direct Drive campaign has been updated. There is an urgent need to update the technology at Queen Mary. 

Please read the Direct Drive letter in English here.

​Please read in 中文版本请见 (Mandarin) here.

Queen Mary's Technology Needs

  • 10-20 new iPads (+ cases) for use by K-7 to add to inventory and replace damaged units (approx. $700 each)

  • 15-20 new Dell laptops for intermediate students (approx. $700 each)

  • 1 ViewBoard touch monitor for the school library (approx. $3,200)

  • 1 BenQ short throw projector, plus install, for classroom (approx. $3,000)

  • 10-15 iPad Bluetooth keyboards to increase intermediate student access to typing (approx. $170 each)

  • 1 portable Bluetooth PA system for Friday Fitness and outdoor events (approx. $2,500)

“Having up-to-date technology at Queen Mary, including projectors in each classroom and full sets of working ipads and laptops, will enable our teachers to spend more time teaching and less time ‘troubleshooting.’ These technology enhancements will benefit students from kindergarten to grade 7 and give our students the best learning opportunities, provide increased opportunities for students to learn at their own pace, and help prepare them for their future.” Elyssa Derban, Principal Queen Mary School

We ask that each family consider donating $75 per child - although every dollar counts and any amount that you can contribute is highly appreciated! 

You may donate at anytime and receive a tax deductible receipt. 

Thank you Queen Mary Community!

Spring 2024 Goal: $25,000

by June 15

Understanding PAC Finances

Fundraising is an important part of the activities put on or supported by the PAC throughout the year. Funds raised by the PAC are used to support parents, students and the teachers in a number of ways. The teachers are able to enrich the classroom experience and environment through some of the funds raised. Field trips may be supported, computers and other technology purchased, books purchased for the library, educational seminars offered to parents, gardens planted, etc. Any money that the PAC spends through fundraising must be approved by the PAC.

There are primarily two sources of funds available to PAC’s - 1) fundraising, and 2) community gaming grant. 

Community Gaming Grant is available each year with eligible PACs receiving grant funds equivalent to $20.00 multiplied by the number of students enrolled in the previous school year.  Gaming grants are very helpful to community schools but do come with a number of restrictions, making the need for general fundraising very important to fulfilling the mission of the PAC

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