2019 Purdy's Fundraiser

Order Deadline November 27th, 2019

This year at Queen Mary we are excited to again have a Purdy's Chocolates Fundraiser for the Holiday Season! In an effort to be more environmentally aware only online orders will be accepted this year.

You are invited to help support QUEEN MARY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and YOUR CHILDREN by purchasing your Holiday Chocolates and/or Nuts through the Purdy's Christmas Fundraising Program.  Avoid line ups at the mall, purchase your Christmas gifts at retail prices and the QUEEN MARY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL makes a 25% profit on all purchases.

To get started please click on the link below

Online Orders Click Here

You will be asked to enter your email address. If you are already registered it will ask you to sign if not it will ask you to register. 

Once logged in you will be directed to the QUEEN MARY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Homepage connected to Janine Kobylka.

From there, by following the tabs along the top, you will be able to:

  1. INVITE MEMBERS - invite your neighbours, family and friends to make their purchases through our school
  2. SHOP ONLINE - on this tab if you click on Use Marketplace you will be able to see photos of what you are ordering
  3. PAY FOR ORDERS - to complete your order you must pay for it by going to this tab and checking out.

All orders must be placed by Wednesday November 27, 2019 and the chocolates will be available to pick up from the school on Friday December 6th.

We will remind you of the pick up in December and we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Have a sweet shopping experience!