Kathy Findlay
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This year within our school community there are several students who have a potentially life-threatening allergy (anaphylaxis) to foods, predominantly to peanuts and tree nuts (e.g. almond, cashew, hazelnut, pistachio).  There are some students with equally severe allergies to other foods (i.e. eggs, dairy, etc.) as well and if one of these children is in your child’s class, a class-specific letter will be sent home at the start of the year.  

A child with a severe food allergy can suffer a reaction by merely touching the food or having contact with another person who has touched the food.  

We feel the best way to reduce the risk of accidental exposure to these students is to respectfully ask for the co-operation of the parents/guardians within this school community to please AVOID sending peanut/nut butters and/or products with peanuts/nuts listed in the ingredients.  Also, please remind your children to not share food.

Thank you!