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Looking Into the Future: Building Resilience Against Anxiety

In this session, parents, caregivers, and teachers will learn how to help children build their resilience against anxiety. This will include an overview of how anxiety develops and is maintained by thoughts and behavior, and specific steps caregivers can take to increase children's sense of self-efficacy and decrease anxiety. 

This event is intended for adults. Babysitting will be available.

Dr. Bethany Michel received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Harvard University and completed her clinical internship at Brown University, specializing in child and adolescent mood and anxiety disorders. She has worked as a therapist with children and youth ages 5-24 struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal behavior, and borderline personality disorder. She has offered presentations and workshops for parents, educators, and mental health professionals since 2008 on topics ranging from anxiety to treatment for suicidal behavior. Dr. Michel is a registered psychologist at the DBT Centre of Vancouver, working with children and adolescents struggling with mood dysregulation disorders and suicidal behavior. She is opening a child division at the DBT Centre to work with children as young as five and their families. She is also a Sessional Lecturer at UBC, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Department of Psychology. Her research focuses on children’s beliefs about emotions (growth mindset vs. fixed mindset) and how this affects their response to treatment for mood disorders. In her free time, Dr. Michel enjoys swimming and dragging her husband, son, and dog to the beach.

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