Kathy Findlay
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The city finals take place at Trout Lake tomorrow (Tuesday, October 21st). Students must arrange for their own transportation to and from Trout Lake.  All runners participating in the meet will be dismissed to the Music Room at 11:45 in order to eat lunch together, early.  Then all parent drivers should meet the runners they are driving in the Music Room between 12:10-12:15, so that everyone arrives at Trout Lake by around 12:45pm. Please ensure your child is signed in with Ms. King or Mr. Atkinson before leaving the school.

Races start (and finish) in the SOUTH-EAST corner of Trout Lake. Look for the Queen Mary tent when arriving. The order of races is the same as usual. Grade 7's, followed by K-1's, then through to the final race of Grade 6's.

We always encourage all Queen Mary Royals team members to stay until the end to support and encourage all of their teammates!  All runners are to return their jersey AND BE SIGNED OUT BY A PARENT by 3:00pm, at the latest, PLEASE!