Kathy Findlay
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I have made the decision to retire ( yes summer was great and led to this decision!). I have been working hard this summer to ensure all is in place for a great start up. I am pleased to announce that Acting Principal Margaret Jorgensen will be coming to Queen Mary.  She is a very respected and skilled Principal who recently retired and at one point even taught at Queen Mary and was loved as a teacher! Please see the attached letter that will go out on School Day shortly.  Feel free to post it on your website too and I will add to the VSB Queen Mary website. I have really appreciated working with all of you and you have an amazing school.  By the way the school looks fabulous and is so clean!  The field is now cleared and we have all our new computers and even the gym storage room completed. I will miss working in schools and hope to keep involved in education in coming years.With appreciation, 

Hugh Blackman

Principal Queen Mary