Kathy Findlay
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Second Hot Lunch Day Trial

Tuesday March 3 with C’est Mon Café

On-line orders ONLY

After receiving some interest in having a second Hot Lunch day, we are giving everyone an opportunity to try C’est Mon Café on Tuesday March 3rd. If the trial goes well, we will be offering this second Hot Lunch on Tuesdays after Spring Break for the balance of the year. The cost for the main meal is $5.50 plus tax. This includes the main meal and fruit and vegetable. Drinks are sold separately with this Hot Lunch provider and are therefore optional for an additional charge. Seconds will be available for anyone still hungry after their initial meal.


Next year we may be able to change the date but for this year, Tuesday is the only day available.

Orders can ONLY be placed online using the following link


You must then click on Queen Mary at the bottom of this webpage to place your order.

If you want to take part in the Hot Lunch trial on March 3rd please get your order in online by March 2nd. Thank you.