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Point Grey Secondary Track - 8:10am Juniors / 12:40pm Seniors


- All team members must arrange their own rides with parents to and from the meet.

- All students are asked to ensure they SIGN-IN and SIGN-OUT with either Mr. Klassen or Mr. Atkinson. Look for the QM flag ... and/or tent, if it is raining.

- All team members must have competed in at least one of the mini-meets to qualify to compete at the Zone Finals.

- Juniors (Grades 3-5):  Must arrive at 8:10am for warm-ups. Meet begins at 8:30am. Jerseys will be at the track. Junior meet ends by 12:15pm. Return to school for 1:00pm or as soon as possible. PLEASE PICK-UP BY 12:15pm.

- Seniors (Grades 6-7):  Must arrive by 12:40pm for warm-ups. Meet begins at 1:00pm. At school, team members will be dismissed from class to sign-in and eat lunch together in the foyer from 11:45 to 12:05. Ms. Davies or another staff member will then release them with parent drivers by 12:10pm. PLEASE PICK-UP BY 3:15pm.

- Ribbons will be awarded at the Zone Finals for participation, 3rd, 2nd and 1st.

- QM Parents are needed to assist in running the Long Jump competition. Parents slated to volunteer are needed by 8:15am (Junior Meet) and 12:45pm (Senior Meet). PLEASE & THANK YOU!

- Field Events (in this order for QM):  1. Shot Put,  2. Long Jump,  3. High Jump

- Track Events:  4 x 100m relay; 4 x 200 m relay; 600 m (Juniors), 800 m (Seniors), 100 m

- For the 600m & 800m running races, only 3 runners from each team per grade/gender may run. All are welcome to run the relays and 100m.

- All team members are expected to follow the QM Code of Conduct while at the meet, exhibiting excellent sportsmanship, cooperation and respect towards fellow team members, athletes from other schools, all coaches and all parents. Either coach may tell any QM team member that they are out of some or all of the events as a result of behaviours or an attitude that does not fit the QM code.