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Volunteering and Fundraising  Survey

The PAC executive would like to thank the QM PAC community for all of their support, time and contributions this year! There were many great opportunities to have fun and make some new friends. Thank you for a fantastic year Queen Mary


We would like your input on volunteering in order to prepare for the upcoming school year. All survey responses will remain anonymous. 

Please select the option that best reflects your approach to volunteering at Queen Mary. You may only choose one option.
I volunteer as much as I am able to.
I like to volunteer but I do not always the time.
I used to volunteer when my child(ren) were younger and I feel that I have contributed enough.
My children are still young. I am waiting to volunteer once they are in the older grades.
I am not comfortable volunteering.I show my support in other (also valuable) ways.
I do not want to volunteer
My children do not participate in these events.
I do not support the PAC.
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