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2023 Craft and Games Fair

The Craft and Games Fair is a time-honored tradition at Queen Mary Elementary! The money raised from this event pays for things like the teacher support fund, staff appreciation luncheon, student programs and more. 
This year we are combining the donation requests. You donation will help pay for craft supplies (60$ per division), prizes for the games, and games supplies and punch cards. Every student at Queen Mary will be given a punch card of the same value so that every child can enjoy every aspect of the fair.

All donations are appreciated. For this event we are asking for a donation of 20$ per student. We recognize that every family has their own unique financial situation. Every student will receive the same value of "punch card" which can be used to purchase crafts, play games, get tattooed (they are temporary) and more. 

You may choose to donate via cheque made out to "Queen Mary Elementary PAC" or you can donate online (see below)


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Thank you for you support


Thank you for your donation!

Understanding PAC Finances

Fundraising is an important part of the activities put on or supported by the PAC throughout the year. Funds raised by the PAC are used to support parents, students and the teachers in a number of ways. The teachers are able to enrich the classroom experience and environment through some of the funds raised. Field trips may be supported, computers and other technology purchased, books purchased for the library, educational seminars offered to parents, gardens planted, etc. Any money that the PAC spends through fundraising must be approved by the PAC.

There are primarily two sources of funds available to PAC’s - 1) fundraising, and 2) community gaming grant. 

Community Gaming Grant is available each year with eligible PACs receiving grant funds equivalent to $20.00 multiplied by the number of students enrolled in the previous school year.  Gaming grants are very helpful to community schools but do come with a number of restrictions, making the need for general fundraising very important to fulfilling the mission of the PAC

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