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12th Grade Scholarship


This cash award, in the amount of $1,000 was established in 1996 to acknowledge all-round achievement by an alumnus of Queen Mary School upon acceptance into a full-time post secondary education program.


March 1: Applications open 

May 8 at 3:30pm: Application deadline

June 3: Successful applicant announced

2024 Application Form

Deadline Extended to May 8!



The focus of this award is broader than demonstrated academic excellence, although this is a consideration. The student who wins this award must show a history of participating and contributing to the school community and the broader world outside school.

All applicants must:

1. Be an alumnus of Queen Mary Elementary School, having attended for a minimum of 3 years, not necessarily consecutive, with 2 years in the intermediate grades.


2. Prove acceptance into a full-time post secondary education program. A photocopy of acceptance documents must accompany this application, along with a copy of the most recent high school grades. For applicants who have completed high school a final grade transcript is required. For applicants currently in their final year of high school, the most recent report of grades will suffice.


3. Complete an application form, describing both school-based and community-based activities engaged in by the applicant.


4. Submit a clearly written statement of 300 words or less describing the role of teenagers as persons who can impact and help to shape community through their contributions and participation. Examples from personal experience wherever possible should be used to support the writer’s statement. The successful candidate will be asked to present these ideas in a brief address to this year’s Grade Seven Graduating Class at the Graduation Assembly in June.

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