What are Parent Advisory Councils, (PAC)?

A Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the Ministry of Education's officially recognized voice of parents at schools, providing an opportunity for parents and guardians to advise on school programs, policies, plans and activities.


All parents and guardians of children in our school are automatically members of the Parent Advisory Council and entitled to attend meetings and vote. The principal or vice principal will be a member (ex officio) of the Parent Advisory Council.  A teacher representative will be appointed and may also attend the meetings to provide information, answer questions, and discuss all school matters and parental concerns, except personnel.


Fundraising activities are held throughout the year by the Parents Advisory Council. There are no restrictions on how these funds can be used however the PAC executive must review any proposed spending over $200.00 before it can be brought forward to a PAC meeting. At the PAC meeting the spending would then need to be approved by the members in attendance.

Sources and Uses of Funds

There are primarily two sources of funds available to PAC’s, fundraising and the community gaming grant. 

Fundraising, as mentioned above, is an important part of the activities put on or supported by the PAC throughout the year. Funds raised by the PAC are used to support parents, students and the teachers in a number of way. The teachers are able to enrich the classroom experience and environment through some of the funds raised, field trips may be supported, computers and other technology purchased, books purchased for the library, educational seminars offered to parents, gardens planted, etc. Although the spending must be approved, there are basically no restrictions on the funds raised through fundraising activities.

Each year all PACs are eligible to receive community gaming grant funds equivalent to $20.00 multiplied by the number of students enrolled in the previous school year. Gaming grant funds cannot be used for, or transferred to, curricular purposes or to schools or school districts, or any of their activities or programs. This Parent Advisory Council funding is intended to benefit students by enhancing their extracurricular opportunities such as:

• Student publications: newsletters, yearbooks

• Student competitions: writing, debating, chess, music

• Student computers: software, hardware, accessories

• Student societies: drama club, student society

• Student ceremonies: graduation, dry grad

• Student conferences or educational field trips within B.C.

• Uniforms and equipment for extracurricular activities

• Sports or playground equipment

• Awards and trophies

• Scholarships and bursaries for post secondary education (paid directly to students)

• Capital acquisitions directly benefiting students, such as playground equipment

• Student transportation and travel within B.C.

• Student transportation and travel outside B.C., where the student group:

  1. is representing its school as a result of merit achieved through organized competition
  2. is competing in a sport that involves cross border travel
  3. has been selected because of its level of creative achievement or success, or
  4. is entered in a recognized competition in which there is a formal evaluation or adjudication process. 

Grant funds to PACs may be accumulated for up to three years without prior approval from the branch.


What We Do

We hold monthly meetings, typically on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm to discuss current projects, events, school issues. We raise funds to support program enrichment and innovation in education. We assist the teachers wherever we can by providing the additional tools and or resources required to enhance the educational experiences of our children.   

How Can You Get Involved With Your Child's Education

As parents and guardians there are a number of ways in which you can get involved with your child's education. You could be a class parent, volunteer for a PAC event, help with the safe arrival program, assist on a field trip, do a craft with the class, be a School Planning Council representative, attend PAC meetings, work with the Librarian, etc. Just let us know what you are interested in and we would be happy to assist you where necessary or for more information please email us at [email protected].  

How Can Your PAC Executive Help

If you have a question or concern that you would like to bring forward or discuss you can either attend a PAC meeting or contact one of your PAC executive to discuss. We will endeavor to get your concern or question addressed by the appropriate person in a timely manner. You can also email us at info.

Other Information and Resources

For a copy of the Queen Mary PAC Constitution and Bylaws or for more information on Parent Advisory Boards please refer to the PAC Handbook or PAC 101 Guidelines below.

Please visit the following websites if you are interested in knowing more about the Vancouver District PAC http://www.vsb.bc.ca/dpac or the BCCPAC  http://www.bccpac.bc.ca/.