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Parent & Student Seminars

Each year the PAC hosts seminars for parents on a topics that are relevant to our community.  As possible, seminars will be available in-person and virtually to ensure everyone can attend.

As speakers and dates are set for the school year, the seminars will be added to the events page with details for participation.  If you have ideas for seminar topics, please let us know!

Playing on the Computer

White Hatters

This seminar was presented in February 2023 

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Parents and Caregivers

Helping parents and family caregivers to proactively understand the enabling power of technology and mobile communications, but also how to mitigate the sometimes unintended consequences of high risk or challenging online behaviour.


This webinar serves as a 101 introduction on the many different subjects for families staying safe and private online. We address the immediate concerns and solutions caregivers can implement to raise digitally literate young adults.

This program addresses:

  • The research on the positives and negative the internet provides

  • Challenges youth today face online

  • Technology as a distraction

  • Media overconsumption

  • Online predators

  • Challenges parents and caregivers face

  • Each person’s personal digital footprint

  • How online information is collected and used

  • Opportunities technology provides

  • Data tracking & collection

  • App privacy

  • Personal online legal consequences

  • Concerning signs to look for

  • Sleep concerns

  • Account management

  • Exploitation

  • Teen nudes and sexting


Is there a topic that you would like to learn about?

What presentations interest you?

If you know of a great presentation that the QM community would appreciate please let us know! 


Saleema Noon's Body Science

Each year, students in all elementary grades throughout BC receive instruction in sexual health education. This information is included in the Physical and Health Education program mandated for all BC students by the Ministry for Education.


From time to time, schools bring in experts in the field to address this topic with the school community. We were excited to bring Dr Brandy Wiebe of Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators to work with students in Kindergarten to Grade 7. In addition, all parents had access to Saleema’s online learning platform, Body Science Online, for 30 days so they can see exactly what their children will learn in class.


In their Body Science presentations, Saleema Noon and her team of educators work with children of all ages, teaching them about healthy bodies and healthy sexuality in ways they find non-threatening and entertaining. In their own language, children learn about how their bodies change, and what those changes mean. 

This program was provided to all QM students in May 2023. The teachers and administration have stated that the student population would benefit from this course in the first part of the 2023-2024 school year. Please attend the September PAC meeting to vote on funding for this course. 

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