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Safe Arrival Program

The Safe Arrival program ensures that all students arrive safely to school every day. 

If your child will not be in school or is going to be late, it is important to contact the Safe Arrival Program.  We will have two options for you to use - phone and mobile app.

If your child is late, they need to report to the office before heading to their classroom. 


If your child is not in the classroom by 9am and no message has been left with the safe arrivals program, you will be contacted to ensure that everything is okay and that your child is safe.

Phone Call


Contact the office at 604-713-5464, then press 1. Kindly leave a message stating (in the following order):

  • Division number
  • Teacher’s name
  • Child’s first and last name, spelling the last name slowly

  • Whether your child will be absent all day or returning to school during the day


Using a Touch Phone

Mobile App

We know have an Queen Mary App Available that includes the safe arrival program notification.


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