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Christmas Decorations

Friday December 15 until 5:00* PM
Craft and Games Fair

Every year Queen Mary Students and families look forward to this memorable event. Each division spends time in early December creating handmade crafts to sell at the Fair. The day of the event is very exciting! Each division gets to visit the fair during class time. They have the chance to play games, purchase a craft (or two), participate in the musical cakes (where they can win a cake!) and more! A few things have changed in recent years. If you would like to know more about our changes please scroll down. 


The way to donate for the event has been streamlined. This year we are asking families to donate to the through this website or via cheque made out to Queen Mary Elementary School PAC. Every family has their own unique financial situation and we are asking that each family consider donating 20$ towards this event. This one-time monetary donation will cover the cost of the craft supplies for each craft (60$ per division), it will pay for prizes that can be won at the games, and it will grant all students a "punch card".

The hope for this one time donation is to ease the burden of multiple donations and the need to send cash to the event (if you feel that you would like to allow your child to play extra games you may send cash with them on the day of the event). This also means that EVERY student at Queen Mary will receive a non-transferrable punch card with the same value (20 tokens) regardless of their family's ability to pay. 

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