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Queen Mary PAC is Having a Book-Raiser for the School Library!

The school library is in need of new books to replace some damaged ones, as well as acquire new ones


Our librarian, Ms.Lam, has created a wonderful, diverse registry of books that she would like for the school library.  The registry is with Kidsbooks book store, a locally owned bookstore

Reading a Book

How to Purchase a Book or Books for the Library Book-Raiser

1. Visit and select "West Broadway" store

2. Select a book or books that you would like to purchase for the library and purchase them through the website.  (Notes: 1. Once a book is purchased, it will be removed from the registry, thus preventing duplicates. 2. The registry states that you can select a gift card, however, please do not purchase gift cards for the library as these will be harder to manage)

3. Nothing else for you to do!  Kidsbooks will collect the books and put them aside for Queen Mary.  A volunteer will pick them all up and bring them to our school library.


Notes:  Kidsbooks has asked that the books are only purchased through the link, rather than in-store, as this will be easier for them to manage our registry.  Thank you for your understanding!


Please purchase books by end of day June 15

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