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The school was donated a small freezer which one dad kindly put onto wheels. The freezer is used to sell ice cream once per month, typically the third Thursday of the month for $2.00 as a way for various classrooms and groups to raise funds for a particular event or charity that they have decided to support. 

All ice cream is nut free and the Lolly's are dairy free as well. We purchase the ice cream directly from Chapman's Ice Cream, which is a Canadian company.

Our Ice Cream Days are in support of various organizations chosen by the students in conjunction with their teachers and are as follows:

Ice Cream Day                                   Group or Cause

September 26th                            Terry Fox Foundation - Leadership

October 17th                                Free the Children Campaign - Leadership

November 21st                             Veterans Fundraising 

December 19th                             Sister School Fundraiser - Lara Osen    

January 16th                                WE Campaign - Leadership  

February 20th                              The Feb. ice cream sale is cancelled     

March 12th                                   In support of Heart and Stroke Foundation  

April 16th                                         

May 21st                                          

June 11th                                            Grade 7 Grad

June 24th                                          Sports Day (free ice cream for all students)